I am Donte Neal

A collection of poems + images that attempt to illustrate + bear [proudly and ashamed] the rawest portrait of myself.

XX???: Medusa Fucking Medusa

..and somewhere in the city
in a hovel
twists a brood
burning sage; seething with the Gorgon’s
unfurling, enveloping against itself
being rogue waves grappling on tsunami grounds
fucking itself; aborning sisters
they hiss perching the creaky stairwells of this building
wringing air of any further use
what is oxygen when it reaches this density
but a vile drag-in; slow as magma; fast as a burn
quick as a trick and twice as skittish
let no man of hope enter this place
the nest; boiling; gagging out bubbles
not reflected
but rocking on; and “at” for that matter
these; the blindest, ugliest bitches
minding the business of human queendom
crossing the line, making x’s
turning out, forming pluses
Curse the building.
Where Perseus finds his blunder
or his greatest weapon.


Digital Renaissance" at Gauntlet Gallery.

On Friday, October 17th, Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, California will present the group show “Digital Renaissance" which features many of the digital artists helping to solidify the digital art movement.  The show will include art from: Adam Tan, Anna Dittmann, Ash White, Boneface, Cézar Brandão, Craig Drake, David Ho, Eevien Tan, Kemi Mai, Lente Scura, Leslie Ann O’Dell, Miranda Meeks, Ruben Ireland, and Tyson McAdoo.

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